I will optimize core web vitals and wordpress speed


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We are here to help you with the Slow WordPress Site, Core web vitals Issues, and Page experience errors on the Search console.

We’ll Fix:

  1. Slow loading WordPress Website for Mobile and Desktop Both.
  2. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  3. First Input Delay (FID)
  4. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Why websites Should be optimized?

Websites analytics have shown, “For a web page with an average page load time of 2 seconds, the bounce rate is not too high, only 9.61%. For webpages with an average page load time of 3 seconds, this percentage increased a bit higher to 13.0%. If the page load time was 4 seconds, then the bounce rate was 17.1%. the webpage with an average page load time of 7 seconds, the bounce rate goes up to 32.3%.”

Google Page insights Scores Guaranteed:

90+ On Desktop

80+ On Mobile

Green Core web vitals


We have more experience than is needed to optimize any complex or Easy web pages.

1000+ websites Fixed till now.

A brief list of Procedure

  • CSS, JS & HTML Optimization
  • Optimal Cache Configuration
  • Core web Vitals Optimization
  • No paid plugins are needed everything is free after service charges


What if You don’t get What you Asked for?

I’ll Provide you unlimited Revisions till your 100% Satisfaction. If still you’ll not be satisfied by my work Then I’ll Provide you 100% Your Money Back.

Will I Change something on Your Site’s Design?

No! I’ll not change anything on your Website’s Design. My work will Show you Good speed Results without Any Single Change in your Website’s Desing.

Why Me?

I’ve done optimizations on 300+ websites successfully. I’ve been in all kinds of issues and errors Now I Perfectly Know How to fix those Issues ASAP Right Away. I’ll Give you Unlimited Revisions and Work on your Order till your 100% Satisfaction with my work.

Will This Fix WordPress Speed?

Yes! I’m here to fix WordPress Poor Speed on Mobile and Desktop. My work will fix Core web Vitals and Speed. I’ll Boost Overall Scores On-Page insights and GT Metrix. you will see massive Improvement in Speed and Page experiance.

Will This Fix Poor Page Experience On Search Console?

Yes! Google has Started Showing Poor Page Page Experience in Search Console to websites that are failing in Core web Vitals and Speed. I’ll Fix your website’s Core web vitals and Speed in the End 100% Green Page Experiance.

Will your work break my site?

No! Because all of my work is done on the cache folder, it is not interacting with the real website’s file at all. Which means. If something goes wrong in any way, it will get fixed with a single click in 1 second because the real website is always 100% ok in the background.

2.Will my work make websites go down or inaccessible?

No! My work is done to WordPress files, not the server, which means there is no chance of the site going down or Getting Unaccessable for the visitors. Also, I work in the background till I see everything is perfect. After that, I make it live to visitors so, the only thing that visitors notice is a

3.Are there any extra purchases like plugins, CDNs, or hosting change?

No! I’ll not make you buy anything extra. I will provide everything to you on the job. I’ll not ask you to buy any single something in my work. You have to pay for the service charges that are already visible and no hidden charges.

4.Will there be any changes to the website’s Design or Functions?

No! I’ll not make any changes to your website’s design or remove any function/element to make the website fast. My work is making your original and beautiful website fast, not to make it different than it was. It would help if you did not worry about your website’s design. It will stay the same as i

5.Will I be supportive in any after the work?

Yes! I’ll provide 100% free unlimited Support on each order. If you find any issues in my work, I’m providing unlimited free revisions. You can ask for change or rework anytime, and I’ll offer it for free.

Specification: I will optimize core web vitals and wordpress speed



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Apr 2021

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  1. leander

    It is the first time that I bought something from this seller and I must say he really does his job and wants to make it perfect. Well done!

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  2. cyneox

    From my experience the best wev core vital fix gig. I tried many other and this one with a big difference got the best results. Highly recommended.

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  3. gianlucapegolo

    Ahmad is SURELY one of the best professionals I’ve met on my journey here on Fiverr. Everything went smoothly, he is very kind and always answers all questions. The Core Web Vitals optimization and site speed work was done well and on time. I definitely recommend him for professionalism, attention and kindness. You will be in good hands!

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  4. sgvdj779

    Ahmad is very knowledgeable in this field and I would definitely recommend his work. The level of communication is superb, he is always available to answer any question and provides expert info. As you can see by his reviews, he is in the 10% in this field. The price was very fair and the gig was done in a timely manner.

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  5. mrdanish70

    100% Great Work, my site is running faster than ever. All Core Web Vitals issues gone with the score of 95+ for mobile and desktop. The seller is so confident, and delivers service as the gig describe. Thank you so much.

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    I will optimize core web vitals and wordpress speed
    I will optimize core web vitals and wordpress speed


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